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Public Outreach

The Association has mandate to promote scientific temperament not only amongst those who are directly engaged in physiological, pharmacological and allied sciences but also amongst the public at large.

Science and scientific progress affects everyone and affects all aspects of life. With ever increasing use of technology and ease of access to information, not the scientifically validated notions but also the invalidated notions take hold of young and unsuspecting minds. As part of its mandate, the Association aims to put curated and scientifically validated information on issues that are directly relevant to medical aspects of everyday life.

These methods will include, but not restricted to

  • Public lectures open to all.
  • Articles in magazine.
  • Engagement with Schools for simple demonstration of physiological phenomenon.
  • Debates and Quiz sessions.
These events can be organized by any member of the Association in consultation with APPI. Appropriate financial and logistic support from APPI will be provided these activities.
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