Membership Benefits

The Association consist of
  • Honorary members
  • Life members
  • Annual members

Any person desirous of being enrolled as a life member/annual member of the association submits a formal application, seconded by two existing members of the Association. The applications are submitted to the secretariat of the APPI.

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Membership benefits

  • The members can avail numerous opportunities to participate in the events of the Associations. These include conferences, workshops and invited lectures.
  • The members are also provided financial and logistic support to organize these events under the banner of APPI.
  • The members get priority in the publication of their research work in the official Journal of Association, Indian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology.
  • The Association provides travel grants to its members to attend conference and workshop within India.
  • The members can apply for various Awards that have been instituted to recognize the scientific work of its members.
  • The members will also be eligible for applying for proposed research grant from APPI.
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