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(List from 1961 onwards)

APPICON is the annual conference of the Association of Physiologists and Pharmacologists of India. The conference is generally held in the months of Nov-Dec of the year. After the approval of General Body, one of members of the APPI is provided with the opportunity to host the APPICON.

The following list of location and organizing secretaries of various APPICON has been generated from the available records. If any additional information related to conference (brochures, proceedings, photograph, videos or any other relevant information is available with the members, they are kindly requested to share the same with Head Office for archiving (email to

APPICON Year Host Institute City Organising Secretary
7th APPICON 1961 AIIMS New Delhi *
8th APPICON 1962 * * *
9th APPICON 1963 * Jaipur Dr M L Gupta
10th APPICON 1964 Seth G S Medical College Bombay Dr U S Sheth
11th APPICON 1965 K G Medical College Lucknow Dr K P Bhargava
12th APPICON 1966 P W Medical College Patna Dr G Achari
13th APPICON 1967 JIPMER Pondicherry Dr S K Lal
14th APPICON 1968 * Baroda Dr O D Gulati
15th APPICON 1969 G S V M Medical College Kanpur Dr S R Kapoor
16th APPICON 1970 St John's Medical College Bangalore Dr K N Sharma
17th APPICON 1971 * Trivandrum Dr Madhavan Kutty
18th APPICON 1972 Osmania Medical College Hyderabad Dr P Simhadri
19th APPICON 1973 Gandhi Medical College Bhopal Dr R P Bhargava
20th APPICON 1974 Not Held (IUPS-1974) * *
21st APPICON 1975 LLRM Medical College Meerut Dr H N Mehrotra
22nd APPICON 1976 S N Medical College Agra *
23rd APPICON 1977 Madras Medical College Madras Dr Sarada Subrahmanyam
24th APPICON 1978 RNT Medical College Udaipur Dr M L Gupta
25th APPICON 1979 * Delhi *
26th APPICON 1980 T N Medical College Bombay Dr R J Minina
27th APPICON 1981 College of Veterinary Sciences, PAU Ludhiana *
28th APPICON 1982 Medical College Baroda Dr C A Desai
29th APPICON 1983 AIIMS New Delhi *
30th APPICON 1984 Goa Medical College Goa Dr M G Gogate
31st APPICON 1985 University College of Science and Technology Calcutta B N Kole
32nd APPICON 1986 Osmania Medical College Hyderabad Dr. Bilquis
33rd APPICON 1987 MGM Medical College Indore Dr Harish Gupta
34th APPICON 1988 BJ Medical College Pune *
35th APPICON 1989 * Aligarh *
36th APPICON 1990 Hotel Ashoka New Delhi Dr S K Manchanda
37th APPICON 1991 Bangalore Medical College Bangalore Dr K P Puthuraya
38th APPICON 1992 School of Life Sciences, JNU New Delhi Dr B N Mullick
39th APPICON 1993 Medical College Thiruvananthupuram Dr R Malathi Amma
40th APPICON 1994 Sri Devraj Urs Medical College Kolar Dr D L Ramachandra
41st APPICON 1995 JN Medical College Belgaum Dr M S Vatve
42nd APPICON 1996 SCB Medical College Cuttack Dr Anupama Panda
43rd APPICON 1997 KGMC Lucknow *
44th APPICON 1998 RIMS Imphal Dr Mahinder Singh
45th APPICON 1999 MGIMS Wardha Dr Ramji Singh
46th APPICON 2000 BM Patil Medical College Bijapur Dr S H Kadilmatti
47th APPICON 2001 AFMC Pune *
48th APPICON 2002 KGMC Lucknow *
49th APPICON 2003 * Guwahati Dr Dilip Chandra Das
50th APPICON 2004 NIMHANS Bangalore Dr T R Raju
51st APPICON 2005 * * *
52nd APPICON 2006 * * *
53rd APPICON 2007 Andhra Medical College Vishakhapatnam Dr Swarooparani
54th APPICON 2008 KMC Mangalore *
55th APPICON 2009 UP RIMS&R Saifai *
56th APPICON 2010 JNMC Wardha Dr DA Biswas
57th APPICON 2011 AIIMS New Delhi Dr KK Deepak
58th APPICON 2012 Subharti Medical College Meerut Dr Rajesh Mishra
59th APPICON 2013 * * *
60th APPICON 2014 * Puri *
61th APPICON 2015 * * *
62th APPICON 2016 AIIMS Patna *
63rd APPICON 2017 JIPMER Puducherry Dr Vivek Sharma
64th APPICON 2018 KMC Manipal Dr Kirtana R Nayak
65th APPICON 2019 GMC Guwahati Dr Reeta Baishya
66th APPICON 2020 ESIC Medical College & Hospital Faridabad Dr AK Pandey
67th APPICON 2021 ESIC Medical College & Hospital Faridabad Dr AK Pandey
68th APPICON 2022 GMC Chandigarh Dr Anita Malhotra
69th APPICON 2023 AIIMS Kalyani GNC Chandigarh, PGI Chandigarh *

(* to be updated)

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